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  • Everything you need to know to build a profitable content creation business!
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FPV Drone Flythrough Course


  • Everything you need to know to build a profitable FPV drone videography business
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Wedding Filmmaking Course


  • How to become a wedding filmmaker
  • How to land high-paying clients
  • What gear to use
  • How to shoot an entire wedding
  • Editing tutorials
  • Business tips (invoicing/ contracts)


Make a living with cameras & drones

You're one decision away from becoming an abundant creative entrepreneur. 


Make a living with a camera

You're one decision away from becoming an abundant creative entrepreneur. 


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Are you tired of..



Working a job you hate?

Not doing what you love for a living? 

We want to inspire you to realize that the best investment you can possibly make is in yourself. 


We dropped out of college to pursue our passions of videography, photography, and content creation. In 2017, we packed our bags and booked one-way tickets to travel all over the world creating content for brands, tourism boards, hotels, and more. Our camera has been the best investment we ever made in ourselves and we're here to share our journey with you, so you can also find financial freedom in creating what you love. 

Learn From Us

What started as working multiple dead-end jobs to make ends meet...
…eventually became traveling the world and booking hundreds of clients, creating high-quality content with our cameras and drones.
Once we picked up a camera, started reaching out, and growing our portfolio, we were shocked at all of the opportunities that arose. We saw the possibility, so we devoted our time and energy to finding the best practices, and strategies to create a sustainable business and lifestyle around doing what we love.

Are you craving the freedom to work from anywhere and make a living with a camera in your hand? Well, we've compiled all our knowledge, skills, experience and expertise into this online course  

(We're sharing the exact steps and techniques that got us to where we are today!)




Inside the Creative Catalyst Course, you'll get:

  • Simple but powerful strategies for landing high paying clients
  • Get paid to take epic adventures (with a camera)
  • Email templates and contracts
  • Everything drones
  • Pricing your work appropriately
  • How to brand yourself properly


Learn how to reach out to any potential client in the industry,  grow your brand, how to create high-quality content, and live a life full of freedom. Over the past 7 years, we've had the pleasure of working with hundreds of brands and companies creating epic, high-quality content. We've learned from some of the top creators in the game and have gotten paid to travel the world doing what we love. We don't subscribe to "one niche" and have found success in being open to different markets such as brands, weddings, hotels, real estate, and more. 



All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Content Creation Business 

Like a lot of other kids, we learned from school that the only way to be successful is to get a college degree and find a “good job” at a big company and work our way up the corporate ladder, so unfortunately we never really considered photography or videography as a real career option until much later on.

But you might be thinking, isn’t it hard to get to the point where you can actually make a living or charge a lot of money for your work?

We thought this too! 

This is honestly one of the biggest reasons why it took us so long to actually go all in and take on this lifestyle full time. So if there’s one takeaway you can have from this section, DON’T WAIT– It is actually MUCH EASIER than you might think.  It can be SO MUCH FUN once you get consistent and into the rhythm of things. Yes, there is a lot of hard work and mental fortitude that is required, but the actual actions you need to take are not rocket science. Also, once you realize the alternative… the cost of inaction and staying where you currently are, you quickly realize that you would pay any price if you knew it would ultimately lead you to where you dream of going.  After all, to become someone you’ve never been, you have to do things you’ve never done.




Receive direct support and guidance from us!

Apply to work with us for 1-on-1 content creation business coaching.

This is perfect for the creative entrepreneur who wants to deep dive into all aspects of the content creation business and how we make a living with a camera and drone, and how you can too.


The truth is, the world needs you...

There is a market waiting for you. There is a reason you feel this calling, that is your gut telling you what you need to do.  So let us be your biggest cheerleader and let our story serve as an example.  We literally started from scratch and had zero experience with a camera when first starting out.  But people gave us chances to provide them content at a slight discount to build our portfolio.

"...but isn't the market already SATURATED?!"

Despite the growing number of content creators, the demand for fresh and high-quality content continues to rise. With businesses going online, the need for engaging and informative content is essential to attract and retain customers. This creates a huge opportunity for content creators to provide valuable services to businesses. 

The important thing to understand here is that there is only one of you.  And each and every one of us are unique, and bring something slightly different to the table.  Clients choose to work with people more than they choose the work.  

We want you to ask yourself:

  1. Are you ready to go all in for yourself and book premium clients without running yourself into the ground?
  2. Do you want to make more money with your camera than you are making at your job?
  3. Do you want to experience more freedom and live life on your own terms?
  4. Do you want to get paid to travel and take once-in-a-lifetime adventures?

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